Overdue Anniversary Celebration


It was clear that Temari was pleased with his efforts, his shoulders instantly relaxing as he concluded that he’d dodged another one of her temper tantrums. The woman was unpredictable, and whether that was a blessing or a curse was still a mystery to him. After all previous tries at seducing the woman through sweetness had proved to be unsuccessful, but then again, he’d made those efforts when she was more pent up about other issues. Now, she was free of duty for the night and Shikamaru couldn’t help but smile. Yes, Temari would enjoy herself at least this once.

Digging into his food, the Nara raised his brows, surprised by his own cooking. It had never been extraordinary, only decent, but this meal was proving to be his best yet. I’ll have to thank mom for helping me out with the recipe, he thought as he chewed.

"Tell me about your day," he prompted, wanting to deduce the amount of silence they had to endure in their home. He usually didn’t mind the comfortable quiet, but without Karura’s laughter, crying, or snoring in the background, it felt odd and, though he wouldn’t admit it, he felt uncomfortable. Surely his girlfriend’s voice could aid that.

With no Karura to sweat over tonight and for that matter no other issues or problems that needed and demanded her attention there was no issue with letting Shikamaru spoil her like this. It was always appreciated when she was reminded she was being well looked after by someone. After all that was something the blonde never had in her homeland. Willing herself to relax and let Shikamaru pamper her, no harm in living in the moment after all.

Temari had to admit, Shikamaru’s cooking only seemed to get better and better. Savouring the taste of the meal he’d cooked for her one bite at a time, this was something she could get used too. Only problem there was she couldn’t separate herself from her daughter for more than a night, blaming her underlying maternal instinct 

It was quiet, almost too quiet for their household, still it wasn’t something they would achieve often so there was no harm in it, right? Looking up from her meal to her boyfriend as he spoke up, her day? “Not overly interesting..” Shrugging casually, still she wanted to fill the silence with something, frowning slightly for a moment as she took another mouthful of her meal before. Thinking over the events of her day before she spoke up again. “Had to stop your troublesome kid from eating dirt and bugs at several points of the day. Her obsession with putting everything in her mouth, ain’t stopping any time soon.”

Overdue Anniversary Celebration


Shikamaru led her towards the dinner table, motioning for her to take the seat opposite his. As he sat down and leaned back against the chair, he gave a soft smile at her confusion. 

"It’s our anniversary," he stated bluntly, a hand reaching up to rub the back of his neck. “Or it was. I think. I don’t exactly remember the specific date in which we decided to be an official couple or whatever, but I do remember that it was around this time, or rather, a bit before it." He shrugged his shoulders as he picked up his chopsticks, his eyes glancing down at the delicious meal he had prepared for him and his lover before glancing up at Temari, admiring the way the candlelight made her bright, teal eyes darken in colour and call upon something more sultry and seductive.

"Anyway, I thought it’d be nice to celebrate, considering all that we’ve been through. I know you would’ve been opposed on any other day, but since Karura is out of our hair for the night and you deserve to be spoiled once in a while… Let’s just say, I got off my ass for once."

Sighing as she sat down and waited for his answer as to why.. he pulled all of this out of his backside. Lips pursed at first as she noted the smile, was for the fact she had no idea why Shikamaru would go to such efforts. Either way his statement caused her to blink in surprise, anniversary..? Frowning for a slight moment as she made.. the mental calculations in her head to confirm his words. “What do you know..” She mumbled, with Karura keeping her busy she’d never given a second thought to the fact they’d been together for this long. 

Eyes softening for a moment as she looked fondly at Shikamaru, she would have never figured he’d be the type. Chuckling lightly as she brushed strands of hair behind her ear before picking up her own chopsticks. “I’m impressed, Shika, pver the fact you managed to remember and that you made the effort to be bothered ‘celebrating.’” Flashing her partner a cheeky smirk, any other occasion she would object furiously but it wouldn’t hurt.. this once to let him spoil her as he said. 

Overdue Anniversary Celebration


The sand ninja turned the corner with her hair falling over her shoulders, just as he had wanted and Shikamaru couldn’t help but smirk at his handiwork. It wasn’t often he used his shadows to do such mediocre tasks such as unbinding her tails, but seeing as he’d wanted to stay put and strip her of some of her terrifying demeanour at the same time, he thought that now was a better time than ever to try his shadow hands at some more simpler chores. 

"You could say that," he replied, unfolding his arms to bring a hand out, inviting her to take it so he could lead her to his chest. “I can’t expect you to know the occasion since one, a woman such as yourself probably doesn’t care about something so cliche and two, I almost forgot about it myself." The Nara was choosing to be mysterious about his reason for setting up the surprise for his girlfriend, but sooner than later the reason would make itself known. “You have any guesses? Or should I just tell you so you can go ahead and eat, hmm?"

The blonde couldn’t help but raise a brow at the dark haired male, sighing softly as she couldn’t help but reach out for his hand, after all there was no reason to refuse such a gesture. Even more so when his sweet actions reminded her just why she had to fall for such a guy in the first place. Soft smile on her lips as she was pulled into his chest, content to hide against him for a moment before she frowned looking up at her Nara. 

"Cliche, huh?" Confused for a moment, he was right about that. She had no idea why he would.. go to all this effort. Even as she pursed her lips she shrugged, if he’d almost forgotten it she doubted she was going to figure it out any time soon.  After all it was as he said, she wasn’t one for.. cliche couple whatever. The man knew her better than herself sometimes, luckily for him she wasn’t annoyed by that fact tonight. Too curious over his whole.. candle lit dinner set up. "What can I say, nothing comes to mind. You said it yourself, Nara." This just wasn’t her area of expertise. It never had been something she had cared for. 

Overdue Anniversary Celebration


"Oi, Shika…?"

A smirk played at his lips at the sound of his lover’s voice. She was confused, just as he had anticipated she would be, by the dim lighting of their home and lone candle that stood near the entryway. His eyes cast over the various candles that lit up their living space, the shadows they created merging with one another and bouncing from surface to surface. Shikamaru was in his element in this setting, more so than ever, what with all the shaded figures surrounding him, practically begging him to use his jutsu to will them to his liking.

The usually lazy Nara formed simple hand gestures and summoned two shadow hands to appear from the floor. Mentally, he instructed them to lead his woman to the dining area and relieve her of the hair ties that kept her menacing, spiky ponytails in tact. He wanted her as she was; a raw woman, free of appearance aid and guarded expressions. What he desired most was for her to be at ease and truly herself, because how many times does a hard working woman, as well as a mother, have time to relax? The number could be counted on one hand.

Frowning at first as she spotted the Nara’s jitsu sighing as she was lead to the dining table. Of course this was why he’d put candles everywhere, typical lazy ass, leaving his ‘shadows’ to do the work for him. Having her hair let down by the element in his influence causing the faintest of blushes to rise to her cheeks. Of course Shikamaru had seen her plenty of times with more than her hair down but still, it irritated her that he could make her so.. vulnerable without lifting much more than a finger.

"Have to say, Nara, outdoing yourself tonight, huh?" She muttered as her eyes settled on her Shikamaru for the briefest of moments before taking in what he’d set up while she’d been out. The food on the table and candles on every surface he could find by the looks of it. Sighing softly for a moment as a faint smile rose to her lips. This man always surprising her, even more so when he’d put blatantly obvious into something for someone so.. lazy.

Overdue Anniversary Celebration


What Temari lacked in girlish femininity, she made up for in wit. And for someone was sarcastic and snarky as Shikamaru was acclaimed to be, he wouldn’t have her any other way.

Except for maybe tonight.

It had been some time since they’d become an item, the stress of early parenthood forcing them to bring their relationship to a mature state way before they were ready. Of course, being the strong-willed and tactical shinobi they were, they had managed and succeeded greatly and had a bundle of joy to show for it. Yes, in the midst of the chaos that was their relationship, they found happiness. It was only expected for them to celebrate.

As Shikamaru placed candles on practically every surface he could find in their home and placed the salmon teriyaki on each of their respective areas at the dining table, the shadow ninja stood back and admired his work. He was never one to go all out for anyone, let alone his girlfriend, but a celebration was in need for their success as a couple. It was only natural to go through such lengths.

Yes, if Temari were more girlish and had a weakness for such surprises, her reaction would be beyond priceless. The dark haired male shook his head, chuckling to himself.

Then she wouldn’t be Temari at all, now would she?

A night without having to get up at three in the morning to deal with blundering baby was something Temari had been looking forward too ever since her partners mother offered to take little Karura off of her hands. The idea appealed even more when her stupid pineapple head seemed more than enthusiastic about the idea.

Having dropped the infant off with whatever she needed and taking off before she changed her mind about how this was a great idea cause uninterrupted sleep and everything else that came with having no baby to worry about.

More than happily making her way back home, only to be mildly surprised when she closed the door behind her to a small candle sitting on the small side table that sat by the door. “Oi, Shika..?” Calling out a little unsure to start with before she sighed and cautiously walked off to the living area.

She figured he’d get up to something but.. candles? And everywhere at that. 



Mentally torture my character. The one who can break them first wins.






“… shutup. YOU’RE A BAD MOTHER WHO’S TRYING TO SMOTHER YOUR BABY that’swhyshikamaru’sDismine..”

“Don’t go there. For the love of god I will slaughter you Dii.”

Dii just laughed maniacally at the threat as she plotted about how Karura was going to get Shikamaru’s D.



“… shutup. YOU’RE A BAD MOTHER WHO’S TRYING TO SMOTHER YOUR BABY that’swhyshikamaru’sDismine..”

"Don’t go there. For the love of god I will slaughter you Dii."